IFIC Forensics has extensive experience in advising companies across all industry sectors in matters of product liability investigations. There are many and varied reasons why products and appliances fail with such claims often resulting in liability disputes. Product liability claims are multi-dimensional and complex by nature, requiring in depth investigation and analysis of the products as a whole, the individual product elements, as well as the circumstances in which they were used to determine whether the product was faulty.

An investigation into product faults sees IFIC Forensics investigators utilise their expertise in combination with detailed laboratory reconstructions in order to forensically determine causation and the precise reasons for failure. We then work with and support the wider team to determine where liability should rest.

Expert testimony is another important factor in most products liability cases, and an areas where IFIC Forensics excels.

IFIC Forensics has vast experience in a wide range of product liability cases to include:

  • White Goods
  • Electrical Equipment & Appliances
  • Chimney Flues & Liners
  • Plumbing Equipment & Apparatus
  • Construction Materials & Equipment
  • Batteries

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