IFIC Forensics provides clients with expert capability in origin and cause investigations associated with fire and explosion, throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas. This sector represents the largest proportion of our work and we are ideally placed to respond to all types of fire and explosion investigations including complex losses that require other associated disciplines to be covered. Our flexible and scalable network ensures clients’ needs are matched with the relevant scientific expertise.

Our fire investigators are drawn from the firefighting and fire science communities and their combined expertise enables IFIC Forensics to advise on all aspects of fires including development and spread. Clients rely on our advice to prevent fire.

Our experience across many industry sectors equips us to conduct investigations quickly and effectively asking the right questions of witnesses.

Our proactive approach ensures rapid, consistent and high quality service delivery which focuses on 4 key areas:-

  • Collation and protection of the evidence/facts
  • Careful and detailed analysis of the evidence/facts
  • Determine conclusions on cause & origin
  • Provision of expert & reliable testimony

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