According to the Association of British Insurers, nearly one in five claims made on buildings and contents insurance is for damage caused by escape of water, and costs the industry £2 million every day. Escape of water claims are growing ever more problematic for insurers due to their increasing frequency and cost, along with a rise in fraudulent activity in relation to these claims.

Investigation by IFIC Forensics, delivers clients accurately determined causation and origin for escape of water claims – resulting in genuine claims being progressed promptly and appropriately, whilst claims with suspicions of fraud are highlighted and challenged.

IFIC Forensics’ investigations include claims resulting from leaks from pipework, tanks and other containers which can result in escape of water (mains and foul water) and chemicals with associated contamination. Escape of water and chemical spills also come with the added potential for gas explosions and further complications.

These incidents can arise from a range of causes including the following:-

  • Poor design
  • Poor workmanship
  • Manufacturing faults
  • Temperature variation including the effects of frost
  • Pressure variation
  • Gradual deterioration including corrosion
  • Impact/mechanical damage
  • IFIC has considerable experience and expertise and is able to respond to an extensive range of client need in this specialist sector.

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