• Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Forensic Biology, University of the West of England
  • MSc Forensic Engineering and Science, Cranfield University
  • Fire Science and Fire Investigation course, University of Edinburgh
  • Advanced Principles of Fire Dynamics course, BRE Watford
  • Gardiners Associates Practical Fire Investigation course, Haverhill
  • Member of International Association of Arson Investigators
  • Member of UK Association of Fire Investigators
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Mugtaba joined the Warrington office in May 2019. Having graduated with a BSc in Forensic Biology from the University of the West of England, he developed in-depth knowledge in collection and interpretation of forensic evidence, the role of science in court and scientific research methods.

Mugtaba went on to develop his professional career by gaining comprehensive experience in both lab and office based investigative roles. During his first job as Forensic Laboratory Technician, Mugtaba further developed his analytical skills in the examination of forensic evidence submitted from police forces across England and Wales. After two years, Mugtaba gained extensive experience in using analytical techniques, such as GCMS and FTIR, to effectively and conclusively identify chemical compounds (drugs of abuse).

Mugtaba subsequently went on to fulfil a role in the product manufacturing industry where he conducted failure analysis of defective or failed products, including fracture analysis of glass, in order to determine the root cause of failure. With a focus on quality, Mugtaba refined his skills in lab testing and report writing.

In 2018 Mugtaba completed an MSc in Forensic Engineering and Science at Cranfield University. As part of the course, Mugtaba studied the various failure patterns associated with materials, as well as conducting metallurgical tests for his dissertation. Mugtaba also studied modules in fire and explosion investigation.

Since joining IFIC Forensics, Mugtaba has completed a number of fire investigation courses and has worked on a variety of industrial, commercial and residential investigations across the UK, Ireland and Qatar.

As well as his technical skills, Mugtaba is also fluent in the Arabic language.