Industry News Roundup

Riviera : 15th November 2019

Reported incidents for cargo-related containership fires, have increased in 2019 – with incidents reported every 30 days on average, bucking the 20-plus year average of roughly every 60 days, said TT Club.

Riviera : 13th November 2019

Do lithium-battery devices pose an onboard fire risk?

BBC News : 7th November 2019

London Piccadilly Theatre ceiling collapses injuring audience. Is this the next high profile escape of water claim on its way to an insurer?

Maritime Journal : 7th November 2019

The LASH FIRE (Legislative Assessment for Safety Hazards of Fire and Innovations in Ro-ro ship Environment) consortium aims to provide a basis for the revision of international maritime regulations and give European industry knowledge to build safer and more competitive ships for sustainable transport.

BBC News : 5th November 2019

A fire with ‘multiple seats’ which spread across three floors of a Cemex cement plant in Rugby is believed to have been caused by a machine fault relating to a “feeding belt” carrying materials in the cement works.

FleetMon : 2nd November 2019

An explosion in the cargo tanks of bunker tanker ZALIV AMERIKA in Nakhodka Port waters has killed three crew.

Gard : 31st October 2019

Container ship fires: Gard conference promotes the value of industry collaboration.

Daily Mail : 31st October 2019

A 600-year-old Japanese castle has been destroyed by a fire that tore through the World Heritage-protected site, reducing much of it to charred embers.