IFIC in the News

BBC News– 19th December 2017

Our Operations Manager and Senior Investigator, John Gow explaining the likely investigation process for the fatal Cameron House Hotel fire for BBC News.

STV News– 30th October 2017

IFIC Forensics’ Chairman, Prof. James Lygate, interviewed on STV News regarding fire safety in buildings and calling for fire risk assessments of buildings housing large numbers of people to be carried out by certified Fire Engineers.

Post Magazine– 27th September 2017

IFIC Forensics’ Chairman and Principal Investigator, Jim Lygate, talks to Post Magazine about the need for the insurance industry to take ownership of arson.

Post Magazine– 7th June 2017

‘We Need to Talk About Fire Claims’: IFIC Forensics’ Chairman, Prof. James Lygate, contributing to the debate on information sharing between the public and private sector in relation to fire investigations.

Claims Focus April 2017– 26th April 2017

Learning lessons from school fires – IFIC Forensics’ Deon Webber features in the CILA magazine.

Post Magazine– 12th April 2017

Enterprise Act: Paying the price for paying late – IFIC Forensic’s Chairman, Prof. Lygate, contributes to the insurance industry debate on the expected impact of the Enterprise Act.

Post Magazine– 29th March 2017

Fire Claims: Not Getting Burnt – IFIC Forensics’ Chairman Prof. Jim Lygate and Operations Manager, John Gow, discuss information sharing with UKFRS.

Post Magazine– 30th November 2016

IFIC’s Chairman, Jim Lygate talks to Post Magazine about liability cover and the worrying possibility of businesses becoming ‘risk blind’.