At IFIC Forensics we are fully committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations delivering rapid response and service excellence by operating in accordance with our Customer Service Charter, as detailed below:

  • Description Measure* Charter Objective
  • Telephony - Answer New Instructions Within 30 seconds 95%
  • Forensic Investigator appointed following New Instruction Within 30 minutes 95%
  • New Instruction added to IFIC case database Within 30 minutes 95%
  • Be on site following receipt of New Instruction Within 8 hours 95%
  • Verbal Report Contact instructing person on day of site visit 95%
  • Produce immediate Advice report following site inspection (non screen) Within 8 hours 95%
  • Produce Forensic Screen Report 5 days from site visit 95%
  • Produce Full Forensic Report from date of site inspection Within 15 days of site visit 95%
  • Return of phone calls Within 2 hours 95%
  • Respond to correspondence Within 3 days 95%
  • Case updates issued Every 20 days 95%
  • Exact root cause analysis In every full investigation report 100%
  • Complaint Resolution Within 12 hours 100%

Should you like further details of the Customer Charter or the services offered, please contact us*Measured in working hours/days.