Fire doors from 5 suppliers have now been identified as failing to meet requisite fire performance standard following an on-going investigation by MHCLG.

The Guardian

Fire doors from five suppliers fail UK performance tests.

BBC News

Which? is calling for the Office for Product Safety and Standards to make manufacturers use fireproof labelling on all of their appliances such as a serial code … Read full article

BBC News

Which? wants to see fireproof labelling on all appliances.

Supply Chain Digest

Deadly Maersk container ship fire is driving supply chain changes to reduce human risk and prevent container ship fires.

Evening Standard

UK heatwave warning: Glass bottles left in sun could spark wildfires, firefighters warn.

The Telegraph

Fire chiefs warn homeowners to cover mirrors to reduce fire risk amid heatwave.


The Welsh government has launched an eight week consultation on banning the use of combustible materials in theexternal walls of high-rise residential buildings.